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11th July - 7th August 2021


Applications for School of English and Culture summer courses for 2021 are now open. If you were previously booked on to a 2020 course and did not ask for your booking to be cancelled, your place is secure and your application can be completed at your earliest convenience.

In the current climate of uncertainty, we realise that circumstances may alter between now and next summer. We will be as flexible as we possibly can if Covid-19 means your plans need to change and you can request a refund at any time up to 30 June 2021 without losing your deposit.

You can also rest assured that we will operate in line with government guidelines around social distancing and safety to ensure the wellbeing of all our guests and staff.

Life at Marlborough

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

Life at Marlborough

Many of our students at the School of English and Culture are seasoned travellers and are well-accustomed to heading away from home for a few weeks each summer. For others, MCSEC might mark their first time in a foreign country or away from their family. Regardless of their previous experience, it is only natural for young people to feel some nervousness at the start of the course as they settle in, make new friends and get used to the rhythm of life at Marlborough. We want to make sure that this process is as comfortable as possible for all our students and our system of pastoral care is fundamental to this. 



Once the application process is started, all students will be invited to complete a short interview with a member of MCSEC staff. The interview is a short, informal conversation that is designed to give students a chance to meet someone from the MCSEC team before arriving at Marlborough in the summer and to ask any questions that they might have. Staff will also be available throughout the months prior to the course if any students would like to discuss any aspect of the course in further detail. 



For those students who return to MCSEC each year, there is no shortage of friendly faces, as the majority of our staff have been part of the team since year one. All our teachers live in the boarding houses during the summer course and participate in all the evening and weekend activities, something which we think is fundamental to maintaining the approachable and familial atmosphere of our courses. Creating a strong sense of community among students and teachers also means that our staff are quickly able to spot any issues such as homesickness and offer the support needed.



Another key aspect of the system of the support is the ‘clan’ that students will be placed in upon arrival at Marlborough. This is a small group of students assigned to a member of staff, or ‘clan leader’, who will sit down together regularly throughout the week. This might be a short conversation to discuss logistics for the coming day, or a longer chat where students share their experience of the course so far. Though the clan leaders are a natural point of contact for students, all our teachers are available throughout the day and on duty overnight for anyone who needs them.