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Mobile phones policy

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Mobile phones policy

Mobile phones have in recent years become an ever present part of our daily lives. This has brought many advantages for students in education, primarily in having such a wealth of knowledge at one’s fingertips. If used in the right way, this can enrich a student’s ability to think for themselves and to form an ethic of independent learning and a thirst for knowledge.

However, in so many instances they are used as more of a social crutch or a way to separate oneself from social situations that the student may find challenging. Yet, it is just these challenging social situations that offer such a fantastic opportunity for personal growth. They can also be a distraction when out in the wider world and a barrier between the student and their engagement with new experiences. For these reasons we limit mobile phone use to very specific times. The students find this challenging at first but over time they tend to find the experience of disconnecting a refreshing change, one that helps them to re-evaluate their relationship with technology.

The following situations should be considered mobile phone-free: meal times, all afternoon, evening and weekend activities, excursions, classes (unless instructed) and at night.

We reserve the right to confiscate any mobile phones being used at the above times.

Students need not panic: there will be plenty of opportunity for them to be reunited with their phones outside of these situations!

Parents and their children will always be able to contact each other through the Course Director if required.