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14th July - 10th August 2019

What to bring

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

What to bring

When packing to come to Marlborough please remember that you will be doing a huge array of different activities, some of which may well be spontaneous activities responding to a chance moment of excitement. A swim in a cool river on a sunny day, for example. Alternatively, you could end up at the theatre or a live music event unexpectedly. Any items of clothing or props you would like to bring for dressing up may also come in useful! Expect the unexpected! Below is a suggested list of things you should consider packing. Items in bold are often forgotten and are particularly important.

Jumpers/Sweat Shirts Jeans/Trousers
T-shirts Shorts
Underwear & Socks Pyjamas
Swimming costume Swimming goggles
Tracksuit Bottoms Trainers – AT LEAST 2 pairs, one old pair to get wet and muddy
Sandals/Flip Flops Waterproof Jacket
Two sets of old clothes for mud, river, campfire etc A warm hat
Smarter Clothing for cultural events Beach Towels
Sunglasses Sun Cream


Any prescription medication
Small Backpack for taking to activities and on day-trips UK adaptor for hairdryer, phone and electronic devices
Camera Alarm clock
Warm Coat/Fleece Fancy Dress costume!