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8th July - 4th August 2018

Afternoon Activities

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A chance to be inspired by a huge choice of different activities to suit every need.

Teenage Outdoor Adventures

On Target

Fencing for beginners

Music Technology - All you need to know


Pro-Ballers Basketball Camp



Photograph Like the Professionals

Making a Film

Rock School

Drama and Performance Skills for Young People

Martial Arts for All

Golf: Beginners and Improvers

Stay Alive Survival

Fencing for Improvers

Guided Cross-Country Mountain Biking

Horse Riding: Beginners and Improvers

Film and Video Production: Plus Acting for the Camera

Beginners Harp

Nothing but Netball

Creative Collage

An Introduction to Fashion Sketching

An Introduction to Fashion Design

Experimental Photography

An Introduction to Photography

Afternoon Activities

The afternoon activities programme offers a huge range of activities to choose from. Each activity runs every afternoon for a week and so for those coming to SEC for the whole month there is the opportunity to do four different and uniquely challenging activities. Activities to choose from include: archery, survival skills, drama, tennis, rock school (music!), outdoor adventures, fashion, shooting, photography and many, many more. One of the fantastic aspects of this part of the course is that the SEC programme is fully integrated with the wider summer school programme and so the students will be spending time in the afternoons with British children, a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends, learn about British culture from their peers and of course practise and perfect their English.