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11th July - 7th August 2021


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Big Art

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Big Art

Tutors:  Jono Burgess and Alex Day 
Weeks: 1, 2, 3 and 4

Course Details

Explore your creativity and have fun experimenting with new methods of drawing, painting, sculpture, land art, mixed media and mural. Planned and delivered by experienced artists and tutors, this course will allow you to react to the local area, play with natural and recycled materials and learn new techniques. You will have the chance to engage audiences with your artistic responses. Both individual projects and collaborative group work will feature in this diverse and immersive experience.

Course Notes


Big Art will look at lots of different forms of creating. You will try drawing, painting, immersive art, land art, sculpture and mural. You will learn about different land artists such as Richard Long, Andy Goldsworthy and Agnes Denes. You will look at how art responds to the environment and how it can highlight issues or ideas.

Learn new techniques and be inspired by using different materials than you are used to. We will use the local environment to share our ideas, to respond to with our pieces and to provide our materials.

You will make large sculptures which play with form on a big scale. These might be inspired by local and international pieces such as the Marlborough White horse or ancient pyramids. You will make smaller pieces on your own and learn how to create sculptures and murals together too.

All materials will be provided for you, please be ready to get messy!

(The following agenda is flexible and includes time for students to take their own ideas forward)










Class Focus:

What is Land Art?

Opening up approaches to creating art with different materials.



Be inspired by other Artists and make a small land art. Mandala workshop Mood boards


Class Focus:

Large land art


The white horse visit

Our environment




Learn how to make large land art

Learn about symbols

Experiment with different forms

Large collaborative piece

Impact and influence of art


Class Focus:

Land painting

Exploring natural materials






Learn to paint with natural paints, sticks, feathers, use rubbings, collage with found materials

Make a series of pictures

Weave with string



Class Focus:

Develop sculpture skills

Involve messages and concepts in creating pieces.




Continue to explore skills and methods to create more work and experiment with chosen forms

Shared painting




Class Focus:

Develop own and group pieces







Complete and expand work

Put pieces together and create a gallery or installation space