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14th July - 10th August 2019

Film and Video Production: Plus Acting for the Camera

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

Film and Video Production: Plus Acting for the Camera

Tutors: Frank Smith
Weeks: 2

Course Details

This is a fantastic course for anyone interested in learning more about the creative processes involved in film and video production, plus the important differences between acting for the camera as opposed to the stage. During the week, the tutor will share his expertise with you detailing how to plan, shoot and post-produce a video. You will also have the opportunity to act, present, crew and direct. At the end of the week, you will receive a copy of your video to take home.

Course Notes

During the week, students would learn to plan, shoot, and post produce a short drama or documentary. The students would act or present, they would crew, direct, and post produce. Each student would receive a copy of the video which would last around two minutes.

  • Acting for the camera ( The tricks of the trade )
  • Directing ( choreographing actors and how to get the best from your crew )
  • Operating the camera ( framing and working with light )
  • Sound Recording ( making the most of effects and music )
  • Editing ( the make or break of a production )


Camera Exercise


Pitch your video ideas and discuss - Storyboard. Show video reel.


Shoot Exercise Download and start to edit. Supervise and continue to give tips.


Complete shooting.


Complete, edit, credits, sound music and burn DVD's.

Final Questions and Answers.