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12th July - 8th August 2020

Young Chef's Academy

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Young Chef's Academy

Tutors: Jayne Annan
Weeks: 1, 2 and 3

Course Details


Designed to give you confidence and competence in the kitchen, this course will help you create tasty and delicious dishes and have some fun at the same time. It is proof that cooking can be enjoyable and relaxing, rather than a chore. The course is suitable for all levels of ability and, this summer, the experienced tutors will guide you through an exciting new set of recipes and challenges. Good food makes people happy. The greatest joy of this course is that all the outcomes are edible!

Course Notes

Are you inspired to learn to create tasty and interesting dishes? What you need is a firm foundation that will give you the necessary knowledge, techniques and 'chef's tips' to help you. Whether you are an absolute beginner who doesn't know an omelette from a boiled egg or are already an accomplished cook who would like to learn more, this course will suit you. Working in a small group (maximum 10) in a professional cookery school with space, equipment and experienced chefs on hand to help, you will be able to develop and refine your skills according to your needs.

The course has been specially designed to give you a strong basis from which you can increase your culinary confidence and creativity.

Day 1 The Foundations:

Knife skills, sensory awareness, enhancing balancing tastes, secrets of seasoning, using spices effectively, basic food hygiene.


Day 2 Stunning ways to start:

Ways with bread dough; principles of making tasty, nutritious soup.


Day 3 Main courses:

The prefect roast dinner; slow cooking pastry tips and techniques.


Day 4 Time to be creative:

A chance to bring everything you have learnt together and create a stunning 'signature' two course meal.


Day 5 Showstopper desserts:

Sweet showstoppers - finish the course in style.


Equipment required: no special equipment is required but participants must wear suitable non-slip footwear whilst working.