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14th July - 10th August 2019

Evening and Weekend Activities

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

Evening and Weekend Activities


The evening activities programme has been carefully designed to provide a balanced and enriching extension to the academic programme. The confidence and enthusiasm for learning and trying new things discussed in the classroom is taken outside and developed in the natural environment or in many other challenging and thought-provoking situations. One of the students’ favourite activities is the safe yet thrilling treerunners activity where they are taught the ropes (literally!) and then are free to explore the tree-top ropes course with their friends. This is a brilliant activity for challenging the students and developing team work. The students also love the stand-up paddle boarding, which offers an amazing opportunity to explore the beautiful lakes in the quintessentially English Cotswolds.

The stunning countryside around Marlborough itself also provides opportunities for exploration and adventure. Within ten minutes of Marlborough there are dense, ancient woodlands, rolling downs, Neolithic monuments, cooling rivers, and green fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Activities on offer in this area include river walking, a wonderful way to explore the surroundings of Marlborough, walking the downs -  the best way to take in the views overlooking Marlborough - and many opportunities for campfires, singing and spending time with new friends.  

The evenings also provide an opportunity for the students to attend cultural events, both in the college and in the wider area, and to create their own. The highly-renowned Marlborough Jazz Festival takes place during the period of the summer school and a whole host of national and international musicians can be heard just a short walk from the school.

There is also a diverse range of cultural events happening on the College campus during summer school including many live music performances and open-air theatre. If the students are really lucky they may even have the opportunity to interview the performers or even find themselves sitting next to them at the breakfast table!

In addition, Marlborough is perfectly situated to take advantage of many of the arts events taking place in the south of England. Fantastic music and theatre can be found in Salisbury, Bristol, London and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Inspired by the things they have seen, the students will have plenty of opportunities to express their creativity during the evenings with talent shows, drama performance and murder mystery evenings amongst many other things.



The weekend activities should be considered the culmination of everything that has happened in the week or weeks preceding them. They are a chance to really put to the test all of the development that has taken place during the course up to that point and are challenging and highly rewarding. The students will find themselves amazed at what they can suddenly achieve with their new found confidence and with the help of their friends. The programme, as with the course as a whole, is a balance of adventure, exploration, creativity culture. Our weekend excursions and adventures promise to be just as exciting and inspirational in 2018 as last year. The weekend programme is as follows:

Course A (14th July to 27th July) – As last year, we will be visiting the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales. There we will be exploring all of the wonderful adventures that are available on this truly magical piece of coast including surfing, kayaking, rock-climbing and coasteering and of course the obligatory beach camp fire. An amazing chance to sample Britain’s only coastal National Park.

Middle Weekend – For those staying with us for the full four-week course we will again be visiting London. There we will sample all that the city has to offer whilst offering the students the chance to develop their creativity and passion for learning through an exploration of the culture, history and food of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It promises to be a high-energy and whirlwind tour of the capital! The Sunday will involve games and activities based on the Marlborough campus. It is also a chance for those spending four weeks with us to rest and recover their energy. Much needed due to the intensive nature of the course!

Course B (28th July to 10th August) – In the weekend of our second two-week course, we will have two options available. The first will, like last year, be the film-making course run by Open Minds tutor and London-based filmmaker, Oliver Bancroft. This course is always one of the major highlights of the experience for many and we are excited to be able to run it again in 2018. In the same weekend, we will also have a trip to local city, Bristol where there is the opportunity to visit an amazing climbing wall and go on a tour of some of the street art for which Bristol is famous. On the Sunday, there will then be a trip to the lakes in the Cotswolds, a short drive North of Marlborough where there are many exciting water sports to enjoy.  

Below you can see a sample timetable for two weeks of evening and weekend activities.