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12th July - 8th August 2020


We regret to announce that Summer School will not be taking place this year.

Next year's Summer School will run from 11th July to 7th August 2021.

For information about our online summer course, click here

Online Summer Course

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

Online Summer Course

Welcome to Open Minds Online.

We hope this course will be an opportunity for our growing community of students to explore some new ideas in creative ways.

The programme will start on 1st June and will run until 31st July and consists of eight weekly modules. 

The week beginning 29th June will not have a weekly module and will instead be an opportunity for students completing the full course to reflect on the learning that has taken place up until that point and perhaps to develop an extended project in a topic area that has interested them. 


The modules will begin on Mondays and will provide materials, prompts and inspiration for students to work on at home before coming together for a group discussion at the end of the week. The format of each module is slightly different and there will be a wide variety of tasks to complete. 

The available modules are as follows: 

Module One

(1st June - 5th June)


Module Two

(8th June - 12th June)

Sensory Maps

Module Three

(15th June - 21st June)

Photographing Time

Module Four 

(22nd June - 26th June)

Nature and Non-Human Perspectives  

Module Five

(6th July - 10th July)

Curating Stories

Module Six 

(13th July - 17th July)


Module Seven

(20th July - 24th July)

Being Human in the Machine Age

Module Eight

(27th July - 31st July)

Photographing Time




















Please be aware that a password is required to access the module materials. Students will be assigned a password once they have signed up for a place on the course.

Introductory Zoom Sessions:

On Monday June 1st there will be an introductory session on Zoom at 4pm GMT. This will be an opportunity for students to meet the tutors on the course, who will be giving some general information about how to engage with the materials on the course. This introductory session will also be recorded and made available online for any students who were not able to attend the live session. 

A Meeting ID and Password for the introductory session will be sent on the morning of June 1st.

Some other modules will also begin with an introductory zoom session. Given the large numbers of students participating, this will not be a group discussion but will offer our tutors an opportunity to set the tone for the week and help students to engage with that week's module. 

As with the June 1st session, the call will also be recorded and posted online for those students who were not able to attend the session. 

Zoom Discussions: 

At the end of the week, students will be invited to reflect on their learning with a group of their classmates. There will be a total of four Zoom discussions listed each week. This is to try and allow for time differences and to limit the group sizes. Students should only attend one discussion per week, however, they are free to choose the time slot that is most convenient for them. 

Each discussion will have a maximum of 10 students and spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

To request a time slot for the Zoom, please send an email to at the start of the week. 

Please clink on the links below to download our course calendar and a module list.