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12th July - 8th August 2020


We regret to announce that Summer School will not be taking place this year.

Next year's Summer School will run from 11th July to 7th August 2021.

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Module Five: Curating Stories

Unfortunately there are no spaces available.

Module Five: Curating Stories

What is the power of objects in helping to tell a story? 











This week we will be looking at the stories behind some everyday objects and the way that objects can be used to tell a story. We will take inspiration from some unusual exhibitions and consider the ways that the objects around us can help us to curate a particular narrative. 

To get started with the module, watch the video above and then use your module password to access the materials on the tabs to the left. If you haven't received an email with your password, please email to request one.  

Try to make some notes as you go to help you in the Zoom discussion session at the end of the week. If you have any questions about any of the tasks for this week's module, your course tutor, Grace, will be very happy to help and can be contacted at 


Zoom Discussions:

This month's Zoom discussions will take place at the following times: 



4pm - 5pm     

9.30am - 10.30am

6pm - 7pm     

1pm - 2pm

All times are given in UK time. 

To request a place for a Zoom discussion, please email 

Please note that students should only attend one Zoom discussion per week. 


Introductory Zoom Session:

There will also be an optional introductory Zoom on Monday 6th July at 4pm.

The first part of the Zoom session is open to anyone signed up for any of our July modules and will be a chance for students to ask questions about the format of the course and to meet their course tutors. 

The second part of the session will include some introductory activities to help get students started with the Curating Stories module. A video of these activities will also be made available to view for any students who are unable to attend the Zoom discussion. 

The details needed to access the Zoom call will be sent to all students signed up for July modules before Friday 3rd July.