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Our Classes

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Our Classes

We offer two distinct classes at the School of English and Culture which, while in many ways highly different, are fundamentally informed and inspired by the same philosophy.  We believe that the classroom should be a vibrant forum for debate and discussion where the students’ (and teachers’) views are constantly challenged and developed through lively academic discourse on subject matter that is designed to elevate the learning experience by being relevant, authentic and engaging. We believe that if the student is excited and motivated to use their language in a way that is natural and self-motivating, then a vigorous language learning experience will naturally follow.

Working in tandem with this are our broader course goals, which the classroom based learning is very much a part of, to help the student to grow and develop as a person, to gain independence (in this case, independence of thought), to grow in confidence and to learn to think in a deeper, more critical way.

The course outside the classroom shares these aims but uses different means to reach them. However, the two aspects of the course cannot be taken in isolation. Instead, they complement each other where new ways of thinking developed in the classroom are taken outside of the classroom and tested and built upon through challenging and creative activities which then lead into the next day’s classroom-based learning. In this way the two aspects of the course work in a feedback loop designed to always be building on the learning as it takes place.

In order to achieve these aims we have designed two distinct class types designed to target the specific needs and motivations of the student. These classes, while different in their approach, have at their heart the fundamental philosophy detailed above.

Morning - 15hrs language tuition per week, all classroom materials included
Afternoon - the students will integrate with native English speakers of the same age and choose from a large range of fun cultural courses
Evening entertainments, cultural events and academic enrichment activities
Weekend excursions, activities and adventures including visits to London, surfing on the Welsh coast and much more
Accommodation under pastoral care provided by the course tutors
Full Board 
Graded leaving certificate provided on completion of the course
Boutique in size, limit of 90 students per week