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14th July - 10th August 2019

Learn English

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Learn English

The Learn English course is aimed at those wanting to focus on their specific English language skills in a dynamic, engaging and communicative environment. The course uses as its foundation the specific areas of grammar and vocabulary detailed for each level in the Common European Framework. From this foundation a syllabus for each level is developed where the grammar and vocabulary underpins a programme of interactive classes designed to challenge the students to think and express themselves in new ways whilst using and developing their English to do so.  

The three hours of teaching every morning are split into three one-hour classes. The first class aims to introduce, teach and offer practice of the day’s core grammatical structure. The second will build on this by introducing reading, listening or vocabulary-based activities designed to incorporate the core structure and give authentic context to it. After a short break, the third class will give an opportunity to bring all of the learning from the previous two hours’ teaching together in a communicative and engaging way. In this class the students will debate, discuss, perform and play interactive games to bring the language learnt alive.

The topics and materials are carefully chosen to meet the joint aims of practising and developing the core language while offering rich and meaningful opportunities to develop critical-thinking and coherent arguments, and to grow in confidence. The course is intensive and challenging, and involves a progress test at the end of each two-week course to give the students an opportunity to reflect on their learning during the course and to demonstrate the progress made. The score from this test is combined with a score for effort awarded by the teacher which together give the overall score for the course of PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION.