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14th July - 10th August 2019

Special Guests

Throughout the course we have regular visits from people with inspirational stories to tell or extraordinary talents to share

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

The guests are carefully chosen to enrich the whole course, both in class time and during the evening programme. They might be poets, artists, philosophers or actors but all are chosen as their stories will help the students to think about the world and their place in it in new ways.

Special Guests

The special guests for 2019 are to be announced shortly. 

Zena Edwards - 11th July

Raised in Tottenham, North London, Zena Edwards has become known as one of the most unique voices of performance poetry to come out of London, she was nominated for the Arts Foundation Award for Performance Poetry 2007, the Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowship Award 2017, and won the Hidden Creatives Award 2012, for Youth Engagement through the Arts.

Zena has been involved in performance for over 20 years – as a writer/poet, performer, educator and creative project developer after graduating in Drama, Media and Communications Studies at Middlesex University. She studied at LISPA - London School of International Performance Art and has been mentoring young and emerging artists in arts vocation and campaigning since 2010.

As a poet, Zena's writing for performance explores the creative voice immersed in issues exploring collective and personal revolution in the midst of social injustice and all its intersections.
Her poems articles and blogs for social and environmental issues, race and power are published in Open Democracy, Dance the Guns to Silence in Commemoration, The Ogoni 9, Platform London’s Blog - Featured in Riots Reframed documentary – Voice Over Films, and Loose Muse New Writing for Women.
She is the Creative and Education Director for Verse In Dialogue (©️ViD) and umbrella social enterprise that produces projects that focus on live literature, creative inter-generational community engagement and well being, transformational learning and liberatory practice.

Annie Rockson - 11th July

After taking part in poetry workshop 'Voices that Shake', Annie began to perform her poetry in February 2013. Since then she has performed at venues such as The House of Commons, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the first ever Winchester Poetry Festival. Annie's poems are designed to challenge perceptions and empower the listener to think about big ideas more deeply. Understanding how it feels to not have a voice, she hopes her poems can empower audiences to speak out and build a more positive community through the spoken word.

Sean Tucker - 25th July

Sean is a photographer and filmmaker who runs a successful freelance business and a growing online presence where he seeks to inspire like-minded creatives coming up the ladder behind. His YouTube channel, in particular, has grown to over 100 thousand subscribers with over 2.5 million views and 50,000 followers on his Instagram account. Sean has created a vibrant and positive community online through both his YouTube channel and Instagram account (@seantuck) where his inspirational and often movingly honest videos and photography have helped to nurture a much-needed conversation about what it means to be creative in an online world now saturated with imagery.

Sean is passionate about helping others to reach their creative potential and, more importantly, to enjoy the creative journey that pursuits such as photography can lead you on. He is excited to be joining the course at Marlborough this summer to share his story, philosophy, and expertise and to guide the students to a deeper way of seeing the world around them through the medium of photography.