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14th July - 10th August 2019

Special Guests

Throughout the course we have regular visits from people with inspirational stories to tell or extraordinary talents to share

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

The guests are carefully chosen to enrich the whole course, both in class time and during the evening programme. They might be poets, artists, philosophers or actors but all are chosen as their stories will help the students to think about the world and their place in it in new ways.

Special Guests

At MCSEC we champion creativity as an approach to learning and self-growth and aim to incorporate it into all aspects of the course, both inside and outside the classroom. With that in mind, we are very excited to announce the special guests who will be joining us as part of our evening activities programme in 2019. The themes explored in the performances of each of our guests will complement the topics and ideas of the students’ morning classes, demonstrating how creativity can help to inform our understanding of our inner and outer worlds.   


Motionhouse is a world-class contemporary dance-circus company with three decades of experience putting on powerfully emotive shows across the globe and we are thrilled that they will be joining us in Course A. As a company, they are known for their visually stunning and visionary performances and we are sure that their visit to MCSEC will be no exception.

Students will participate in a workshop with one of the dancers, before watching a performance of two duets ‘Knot’ and ‘Lost’. These pieces combine extreme physicality with complex lifts and contact choreography to delve into our inner lives and our relationships with others.

For more information about Motionhouse, visit their website -

Motionhouse is supported using public funding through Arts Council England.

Button Bashers - Katie Storer and Simon Panruke

In Course B, we will be treated to an irreverent show by Button Bashers. This show is non-verbal and very visual, it was originally a street performance and retains its informal character. The performers set up tunes through the live looping of mini-pocket trumpets and a mini-synthesiser, alongside choreographed physical sequences. It’s an interactive piece that involves the audience in ridiculous games.

The show is about connection and breaking down the barriers that come between strangers (and getting them to play with each other). It's about having fun and casting off your inhibitions.

You can see more of Simon's work here - and find out more about Katie here -