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11th July - 7th August 2021


We regret to announce that Summer School will not be taking place this year.

Next year's Summer School will run from 11th July to 7th August 2021.

For information about our online summer course, click here

Special Guests

Throughout the course we have regular visits from people with inspirational stories to tell or extraordinary talents to share

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

The guests are carefully chosen to enrich the whole course, both in class time and during the evening programme. They might be poets, artists, philosophers or actors but all are chosen as their stories will help the students to think about the world and their place in it in new ways.

Special Guests

At MCSEC we champion creativity as an approach to learning and self-growth and aim to incorporate it into all aspects of the course. Our evening programme is carefully designed to provide students with rich and varied experiences and a key part of this are the performances, workshops and talks offered in each course by our special guests. 

Each year we invite two guests to Marlborough to provide students with an evening of creativity and entertainment that is often an entirely new experience for many in the group. The ideas explored through the various cultural offerings complement the learning that takes place in the classroom and provides further opportunity to consider fresh perspectives, demonstrating how creativity can help to inform our understanding of the world. 

Our special guests for 2020 will be announced shortly, joining a list of talented and inspirational individuals that we have been fortunate enough to meet in the years since MCSEC first began.

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