7 July - 20 July, 21 July- 3 August 2024 Apply now

Tutors: Mark L'Argent (BA Hons)   Weeks: 3

Letters from Lindisfarne

You will be learning all about, and creating your own modern variations of the original unique and lively letters that appear in the 8th century Lindisfarne Gospels. You will be learning how to write some of the manuscript letter styles, and additionally how to draw and paint some of the various decorative letters that appear in the manuscript, but given a bold modern twist to bring them up to date. Additionally, you will also be learning simple gilding techniques with gold leaf. It is a course with plenty of variation, so should be an interesting and inspiring week. Suitable for all levels.

Course details

The Lindisfarne Gospels were written in the 7th century, long before printing and computers - just one man who designed, wrote and decorated it. A talented, inventive and original monk called Eadfrith.

During a full week we will be visiting the various different types of letters, and designs that feature in the gospels: some are written, some painted, some decorative and some curious. In addition to this, we'll be taking the old letters and making them fresh and new with a modern creative twist to bring them right up to date, interesting and fun. It will be an engaging week learning something of the history of the period, as well as improving your drawing and writing skills, and given guidance on some complementary painting skills for making bright and bold letters with watercolours.

Additionally, we will be learning about and making copies of, some of the intricate mythical beasts that also appear in the manuscript. Suitable for all levels. A little knowledge of calligraphy would be useful but not essential