7 July - 20 July, 21 July- 3 August 2024 Apply now

Tutors: Richard Herbert   Weeks: 3

Martial arts for all

This intensive course is for those who wish to gain experience in the martial arts and is suitable for complete beginners, in addition to challenging the more experienced martial artist. Throughout the week, you will learn the striking, kicking and blocking techniques of the martial arts. You will cover traditional patterns, the anti-bullying and self-defence principles of awareness, avoidance and resolution and experience the use of traditional weapons. Finally, you will end with the skills to break boards. This is always one of the highlights of the week and achieved by all those on previous courses.

Course notes

This course is designed to provide a great start to a potential martial artist in addition to giving a more experienced martial artist new skills and a chance to try some different styles.

You will have an opportunity to experience punching and kicking techniques as well as some of the grappling used in the diversity of mixed martial arts.

All the principals you learn will be simple yet effective and will allow you to develop your own self-defence techniques to suit you as an individual irrespective of size and strength.

All equipment will be provided and you just need to come in some comfortable training clothes and bring a drink. It's as easy as that.

The classes are all taught by our team of highly trained professional instructors headed by Chief Instructor Richard Herbert who has over 33 years experience in the martial arts and has been a full time instructor for 14 years. He holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a number of 1st Dan black belts in other styles.

Here at Phoenix Martial arts we regularly teach a client base of over 275 students ranging in ages form 3 to 84.