7 July - 20 July, 21 July- 3 August 2024 Apply now

Tutors: Martina Cobbson  

Mixed media art

This mixed media art course will give you the opportunity to paint, draw, create collages and prints and give you an understanding of the basic elements of art. You will be encouraged to use a sketchbook as a visual diary, use different materials such as paints, charcoal, pastels and inks and discover different styles and techniques. The wide range of projects will be structured, but at the same time give you the freedom to generate your own ideas and develop them in your own direction. This course is inspiring for anyone who wants to develop his or her art skills.

Course notes

Day 1 (letterform)

You will uniquely design the front page and first page of your creative sketchbook concentrating on letterforms. Using pencil, markers, watercolour and ink, you will use thick and thin strokes to create textures, patterns and rhythms. You will explore shape, size and colour and become familiar with letterforms which can portray their own personalities.

Day 2 (sketching)

Depict reality by simply using lines and tones. A simple introduction of how to sketch structures and different forms will be given, showing scale and casting shadows. You will use pencils, oil pastels, soft pastels and charcoal.

Day 3 (collage)

Make a collage using all kinds of materials, photographs, found objects, magazines and paint. You will create mixed media art that will make you think like an artist and designer. You will express yourself using composition, colour, texture and shape.

Day 4 (printmaking)

Make a print that you can use for a card or as a part of a mixed media piece of art. You can use lino cut or poly-card and ink for printing.

Day 5 (painting, drawing, mixed media)

Choose one of the projects that you enjoyed most during the week.