7 July - 20 July, 21 July- 3 August 2024 Apply now

Tutors: Pete Davies   Weeks: 2 and 4

Photograph like the professionals

Get into the creative mood this summer with an all-singing, all-dancing photography week. Expert tuition from a professional photographer will reveal how to take perfect photos to impress friends and family alike. The aim of the course is to get you snapping away just like the professionals, discovering the joy and sheer variety of digital photography. It will be an action packed week, which promises to keep you engaged while teaching you something new.

Course notes


All camera equipment is provided by me. Please do not bring your own camera as they will not be used and will be left in an unattended classroom. You will be in a class of no more than twelve people and be split into groups of three per camera. The tuition is tailored to cover all abilities. You will use my professional cameras and lenses as well as some underwater cameras too. Everybody will take at least 25 pictures per day for four days which will be processed overnight so we can view the results the following day. We do not enter into technical detail of how the equipment works - the course is how to improve your composition and how to "see” a good picture. I am always on hand to answer any questions that students may have.

You do need to bring a swimming costume, towel and goggles (if you have them) to participate in the underwater section.

Sample week


Our first lesson starts in the classroom where you will be given instructions on how the camera equipment works. You will all be shown how the equipment works and set your first project. We head off to take colour pictures of the college grounds.


We will begin with a critique of yesterday's work. Today we will be studying portraiture in black and white. You will head off and take pictures of all the people attending summer school.


We will begin with a critique of yesterday's work. We will visit my photographic studio today where we will photograph each other and learn how to use a professional lighting rig. We cover posing and angles too.


We will begin with a critique of yesterday's work. We will today be going underwater! A trip to the college pool for a bit of fun as we take pictures using underwater cameras. Underwater cameras are provided - please bring your swimming costume, towel and if you have them, goggles. You do not have to be a wonderful swimmer but you must feel confident putting your head underwater.


We will begin with a critique of yesterday's work. As this is our last day we will not be taking any more photos, we will be making a collage of all your pictures for you to take away as a keepsake of your course. These look great hanging on your wall and are a reminder of everything you have achieved during the week.