7 July - 20 July, 21 July- 3 August 2024 Apply now

Tutors: Martina Cobbson  


This sketching course will give you the opportunity to paint, draw and give youunderstanding of the basic elements of art. You will use a sketchbook for all the drawings. You will use materials, such as pencils, markers, watercolour paints, pastels and charcoal. You will be sketching indoors and outdoors and you will learn how to start to sketch anything from landscapes, objects and people. Simple sketches can later be developed into a different art piece or just an inspiration for another project.

Course notes

Day 1 - STILL LIFE SKETCHING, Indoor project

You will compose a still life. You will start with different drawing exercises. You will use pencil, markers, watercolours and charcoal. You will produce a few versions of sketches using different materials.

Day 2 - LANDSCAPE , Outdoor Project

Use of perspective and simple introduction of how to sketch structures and different forms, showing scale and casting shadows. You will use pencils, pastels and watercolours.

Day 3 - BUILDINGS AND TREES , Outdoor Projects

Depict surroundings with simply using lines and tones. You will choose a building or just a detail in a building, a tree or a few trees to sketch a simple shape.

Day 4 - PHOTOGRAPHS, Indoor Project

Bring along a photograph or a few pictures that you want to interpret your way. You can try to sketch them realistic, 'pointalistic', ' cubistic' or abstract.

Day 5 - PEOPLE and MOVEMENT, Indoor Project or outdoor Project, depending on weather

You will be introduced how to sketch a movement. You will use mannequin man to study a variety of poses.